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What is “J4”?

"J4" or Juliet4 is NATO designation for "Joint Logistics & Procurement" within the military.

This Is What We Do

  • About Us

    Juliet4 was founded by the same people that established Bulgaria’s leading civilian firearms training company, PrepYou.Eu nearly seven years ago and more recenlty, Juliet7 has been established to assist with professional and certified training for the security industry.

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  • Why Juliet4?

    We basically got really tired of not being able to get high quality brands in Eastern Europe for our own instructors and students, so we decided to set up the most premium tactical and rescue equipment retailer in Eastern Europe! Simple!

  • B2B & B2G

    “J4” is NATO designation for “Logistics & Procurment”. We are well used to working with international military & law enforcement and are able to supply agencies in our region with the highest possible quality and service so they have the very best equipment options on their door step!

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Best Sellers!

Body Armour & Helmets

Ballistic armour and helmets from MARS Armour. 


AEDMAX24 Tactical Trauma Care

AEDMAX24 is based in Poland and supplies high-quality trauma kit in various modular designs for the military and private security industry. Training on this equipment is provided by Juliet7.

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Show Your Support For Ukraine

Our partners Juliet9 (Civil Military Co-Operation) in Latvia are doing great things to support the people of Ukraine and one of the way they fund this is via merchandise & equipment sales. Check out their unique merch here!