Other Tactical Kit & Equipment Stores in Bulgaria

We are not going to be stocking any and everything that comes under the “tactical” banner as there are a several notable retailers who have been serving the local market for several years and are well established, physical outlets with everything from torches to multi-tolls and absolutely everything in between!

We suggest visiting any of these guys for anything we don’t cover.

Our Top 3:


Is our preferred retail partner with two small retail spaces in the very heart

of Sofia. Stefan and his family run business traditionally give PrepYou.Eu students a nice discount and offer a good, personal service but also offer fast delivery on many of their non-controlled items for sale. Brands include Lowa, Helikon-Text and Direct Action.


Arguably the largest retail space in Bulgaria, Mitko (Manager) and

team offer great service and advice to buyers with brands ranging from 5:11, Tasmanian Tiger and Salomon.

Guns.Bg (VIP Shooting Complex)

Located close to GM Dimitrov Metro station, this large store and

 shooting range is the largest gun shop in Sofia and has a range of quality hunting gear as well as some tactical brands such as 5:11.