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Advanced Modular Tactical Trauma Kit - 8 Modules

Advanced Modular Tactical Trauma Kit - 8 Modules

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TRAUMA KIT Modular First Aid Kit - Backpack 8 Modules (Green)

Comprehensive Medical Support

The TRAUMA KIT Modular First Aid Kit for treating injuries. This kit integrates a premium PHILIPS FRx AED defibrillator and seven meticulously curated modules to ensure efficient emergency responses. The addition of a  +  PHILIPS FRx AED offers a thorough medical solution for almost any situation.

Key Module Inclusions

This kit comprises targeted modules for Injuries, Burns, Emergencies, Fractures, Personal Protection/CPR, Hemorrhages, and Stretchers. Every module is tailored with the essential equipment and medical provisions to address diverse emergency scenarios.

Optimised for Mobility and Efficiency

The first aid modules are housed in a specially designed backpack, promoting mobility and ease of use during rigorous rescue scenarios. This streamlined backpack design ensures swift access to injured individuals even in challenging terrains.

Military Edition

Tailored for military enthusiasts, personnel in uniformed services, shooting range operators, and those in the defence sector, this edition offers modules in a discreet green for enhanced safety during assistance on potential battlegrounds.

Superior Medical Readiness

This backpack-style first aid kit stands as the epitome of preparedness for first responders and emergency personnel. Its contents have been expertly chosen to cater to the demands of intricate rescue situations.

Customizable and Always Ready

The TRAUMA KIT is designed for adaptability, allowing simultaneous assistance to multiple casualties. Refillable modules guarantee that the kit is perpetually ready for varying emergencies.

Versatile Usage

This kit is an essential companion for mass events, sports gatherings, and group excursions. Ideal for use in malls, airports, train stations, and other high-footfall locales, it's also suited for extreme sporting events and high-altitude jobs.

Broad-Spectrum Medical Assistance

From minor injuries like cuts and burns to major emergencies such as severe haemorrhages, fractures, and cardiac arrests, the TRAUMA KIT ensures effective medical intervention. Premium-grade modules combined with a lightweight stretcher facilitate the safe transfer of patients.

Contents of the TRAUMA KIT Modular First Aid Kit + AED Defibrillator ROSZAKN

  • Modules: Wounds (R), Burns (O), Emergencies (S), Fractures (Z), Personal Protection/CPR (A), Hemorrhages (K), Stretcher (N), Airways (D)
  • TRAUMA KIT carrying bag.

Detailed Module Breakdown

  1. (R) Wounds: Comprehensive wound treatment items including various dressings, adhesive bandages, and unique wound closure strips.

  2. (O) Burns: Provisions for burn injuries with a focus on cooling, protecting the wound, and maintaining the patient's thermal comfort.

  3. (S) Emergencies: Contains tools for miscellaneous injuries and sudden illnesses, including provisions for an adrenaline-pre-filled syringe for anaphylactic reactions.

  4. (Z) Fractures: Offers equipment to stabilize and immobilize fractures, ensuring patient comfort.

  5. (A) Personal Protection/CPR: Essentials for every rescuer including personal protective gear to enhance safety during medical interventions.

  6. (K) Haemorrhages: Contains specialized dressings and equipment for severe bleeding control.

  7. (N) Stretcher: A lightweight and efficient solution for victim transport, with added insulation and thermal comfort provisions.

  8. (D) Airways: is a set with which you can ventilate the casualty using the BVM bag, secure the airway, chest wounds and monitor the patient's condition - ventilation effectiveness - blood oxygen saturation level (saturation). 
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