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Lock-Harness (C) - Casualty Evacuation System

Lock-Harness (C) - Casualty Evacuation System

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The Lock-Harness (C) is a brand-new innovation in casualty evacuation created by a senior & serving British infantry soldier who needed to solve a problem.

Traditionally, casualties are evacuated via stretcher and unless the terrain and your logistics chain support a quad bike and stretcher trailer, you are most likely going to have to use 2-4 operators to remove the casualty from harm's way.

The Lock-Harness is a one-man evacuation system allowing the first responder to not only hoist the casualty onto their backs thus saving manpower but also offering the potential of keeping their hands free to operate their weapon systems and actually continue to fight out of contact if needed.

A second, dual-use model of the LockHarness (Lockharness Light Weight Missile Carrier) has the additional capability of carrying 2 x ATGMS.
This is a brand-new and totally unique product, exclusive to Juliet9.

Shipping is direct from the UK manufacturer and may incur additional customs duties.


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